Dunglish discovery


This Dunglish company name has been pointed out to me numerous times, and I even walked by their offices a few times. Then I noticed that they sponsored programmes on the Dutch Discovery channel. I think ‘Dosign’ is an odd Dunglish construction of ‘dozijn’ (dozen) with design. For us mere mortals, it’s an engineering firm. So far, many Dutch people think it’s a silly name. It also reminds me of an earlier posting about ‘diezijn’. The Netherlands is still a free country and people can call their company what they like, but someone has to pay for the botched up Dutch subtitles on the Discovery channel!

(Photo: Toon)

3 Responses to “Dunglish discovery”

  1. Hans says:

    Sir Teen in a Dosign?

  2. Sander Adriaansen says:

    The last name of the establisher of Dosign Engineering is Dorsman. He started his career as a designer.
    When he started Dosign Engineering he mixed his name with design and there it was… Dosign Engineering.

  3. Natashka says:

    That is cool 🙂

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