Making the grade

A recent study claimed that the level of English at Dutch universities was of secondary school level. This advert and the institution’s website confirms that MBAs were not left out. For the record, it’s “inside” information, not “insight”.

Some highlights from the website:

The front page boasts my favourite day of the week, “Saterday”.
A beginner’s mistake.

“HES Amsterdam is founded in 1867”
A more advanced mistake. (is = was)

Traveler’s checks, traveler cheques, and traveler checks.
All found on the same page.


3 Responses to “Making the grade”

  1. mare says:

    Link should be

  2. Natashka says:

    Hey, thanks 🙂

  3. geert says:

    Is it modern society’s disease?
    It’s easy to speak the same language, but it’s hard to speak it properly.
    In the same way as it’s easier to believe in Intelligent Design than to study Darwin.
    Is it general degeneration?

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