After receiving this creative piece of Flemglish, I remembered seeing something like it in the centre of Antwerp a long time ago. After a little Googling I found out it is from the Eetcafe Post on the Groenplaats. I applaud their poetry.

Sip = sad
Panneke met kip = chicken special
wip = flash (ready in a flash)


(Photo: Toon)

4 Responses to “Flemglish”

  1. Martijn says:

    Brilliant 🙂
    Reminds me of: ‘I speak English, aber nicht so schnell, maar dat komt nog wel….’

  2. Wouter says:

    Doet mij aan John O’Mill denken!

  3. Natashka says:

    Klopt! John O’Mill is geweldig. Het is Dunglish met opzet:

    A terrible infant called Peter
    sprinkled his bed with a gheter
    His father got woost,
    took hold of a cnoost,
    and gave him a pack on his mieter


  4. vandaag - Pagina 3 | hilpers says:

    […] Het boekje zit ergens in een doos dus dat kan ik niet zo snel effe scannen, maar als vervanger: http://www.dunglish.nl/?p=109 — // Rik Steenwinkel ’85 R80ST Skippy bike // Enschede ’91 R100GS/PD The Great Unwashed // […]

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