Naughty and noticeable

I love Dutch companies who claim to be internationally oriented. To me, it often sounds like trying to convince people you’re cool. When you’re cool, people know you’re cool. If you truly believe your audience is international, you wouldn’t make an easily avoidable spelling mistake on thousands of posters that can be seen by a potential market of 16 million people in the Netherlands.


8 Responses to “Naughty and noticeable”

  1. Jake says:

    Which company made this awful mistake?

  2. Natashka says:

    This one (Watch out for the blaring music!)

    More of them:
    Who are we?

  3. mare says:

    They used to be called “Hij” and “Zij”, but that wasn’t cool enough. “We” sounded much naugthier.

  4. Natashka says:

    Ah but, you’ve been spared the commercials these folks have on TV at the moment!

  5. mare says:

    We have enough stoopid commercials of our own, thank you.

    BTW The S in “xyz Says” shouldn’t be capitalized.

  6. Natashka says:

    I have no idea why it does that in WordPress 1.5 !

    I will note it and look it up…later

  7. Eric says:

    Did you read “Boy swear”, too? 😛

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