Very clogged up

These nasty sentences were taken from those travel tips I posted a while ago. Well, I kept some for a rainy day, so here they are. This ‘guide’ was actually co-sponsored by an alcoholic beverage company and a condom company. They must have translated it after a few too many.


Translation: “I feel bloated and sick, and I pray to God it’s from the booze.”


Wrap-this-up-and-throw-it-out! Play find all the mistakes.


Yes it does? No comprendo! And if you have sex with a condom instead of using one, you’re a weirdo.


Now? Did it swim away? I know, it snuck out of the youth hostel down to the bar and ordered some brewskies! I censored the rest, as I could not get past ‘glans’.

3 Responses to “Very clogged up”

  1. Russkis says:

    Doing it with a condom? That sounds like a mistranslation of “спать с открытой форточкой” to me 😉

  2. Natashka says:

    To sleep with a open window… I just know I’m missing the joke here 🙂

  3. Ludolph says:

    First, take off the condom. Otherwise danger of clogging it (the toilet). In which case size IS important.

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