Guidelines for submitting Dunglish

Mail to: natashka (at)

What I can use:
-Things that look and/or sound like English but are not.
-Things that lose their meaning due to the twisted use of both Dutch and English.

What I won’t use:
– Links and pictures of ordinary inviduals on the Internet.
– Although it’s a fine line, small spelling mistakes that everybody makes.

What I’m interesting in finding:
– Companies that seemingly take their target audience for dimwits.
– General sloppiness.
– Funny things.

I’d like to thank everyone who has sent stuff so far and encourage people to send some more!

One Response to “Guidelines for submitting Dunglish”

  1. tian says:

    If anyone has similar things for Chinese or Japanese, I would love to have them. Please send them to me at this email address:

    tiangotlost [at] gmail [dot] com

    thank you


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