Chop shop

Just plain “ha-ha-ha” amusing. This is what happens when you mix Dutch and English. A true collision, as it were.


7 Responses to “Chop shop”

  1. Larry says:

    I suppose it’s valid as a Dutch compound noun, but I can’t help wishing there were a good equivalent to ‘recycling’ and that there weren’t so many winkels referring to themselves as shops.

  2. Natashka says:

    I’ve seen “hergebruik”, but that’s “re-use”. The Flemish use “recyclage”. The compound is most probably unacceptable because it’s English. But then the whole thing is wrong, as it should be Dick’s Recycling Shop.

  3. René says:

    Ook leuk: dat briefje “gepanserde ruiten”. Klopt ook niet helemaal…

  4. Larry says:

    Well, it’s wrong if you’re looking at it as English. ‘Recyclingshop’ is okay as Dutch, as is the structure ‘[type of shop][name of proprietor/shop]’.

    Kringloopwinkel? Hmmm.

    The Flemish, you say? Francophones and germanophones aside, there is more to Belgians than Flemings, just as there is more to the top half of Belgium than just Flanders.

  5. Natashka says:

    No kidding 🙂

  6. Anonymous doughboy says:

    I see they specialize in tubing.

  7. cormac says:

    Rec-y-clings hop. Famous welsh town.

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