Boys are naughty

The term “boys and girls” is fine for the rest of the world’s clothing stores, as the adjective ‘young’ is superfluous. You’ll find the ‘younger’ boys in the basement (kelder). I’d like to think they’re just naughtier.


2 Responses to “Boys are naughty”

  1. Dunglish » HM 2 says:

    […] atashka @ 7:51 am

    This clothing store gets more cryptic by the week. As if this earlier posting wasn’t bad enough, we now have ‘divided girls’ divided on two floors, wi […]

  2. Jurjen says:

    They say you can find the ‘young girls’ clothes ON the 1st and 2nd floor
    and the ‘young boys’ clothes ON the basement. (would that be ground level?)

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