Wee bits

Look at the tagline, watch out for the blaring music, enjoy the rest.
On the same street in Haarlem there are shops with the names “Sissy Boy”, “Man to be” and “A boy named Sue”. Scary.
In a leaflet published by the province of North Holland: “Reproduction of any kind without written permission is not prohibited”. Copyleft?
In a Dutch railway company leaflet: “A Cheap Day Return is cheaper than two singles”.
Very cheap indeed.
On the website of the Zaanse Schans (tourist attraction): “There are special rates for groups and busses”. I wanna be a bus!
There’s a Dutch site called Lord of the Winds. I’m, sure they’re cool.

6 Responses to “Wee bits”

  1. praseodymium says:

    The first site even has people programming in hmtl!

  2. bram says:

    ‘htlm’ when I looked at it.
    Must be Mastermind. 2 bulls, 2 cows; next guess please.

  3. Pim says:

    “A boy named Sue” is a song by The Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

    In Amsterdam, in the Van Woustraat is an Indian restaurant called “Prins of India”. Real pity I didn’t bring my camera though.

  4. Natashka says:

    I bought a new camera, so more pictures are coming up!

  5. GJ says:

    >> “Prins of India”

    Prince or India: what’s wrong with letting people choose? 🙂

  6. Larry says:

    ‘Cheap day return’ is Britspeak for a discount same-day train ticket, if that’s what you’re puzzled by.

    How much is a buss (different from a bus)?

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