Picking sides

This company is trying to tell us about the importance of presentation and quality. They’ll even teach you how to use a computer. The women using computers on this site are as credible as the text. All the classics are here, but I especially like “her” to designate a company. Later on we learn that “your company will show his best sides”, so maybe the company is a he. I’ll leave it up to you.

5 Responses to “Picking sides”

  1. Arnout says:

    Uit een van hun andere pagina’s: “Internet, thé medium for now and the future.”

  2. Larry says:

    Man, what’s not wrong with the English on that site?

    slaagt Optico er steeds weer in de juiste oplossing te vinden in overleg met haar klanten
    This is wrong even in Dutch! Het bedrijf, zijn klanten. That’s just how it is, verharing be damned.

    it ain’t so much of a surprise that Optico is continuous growing

    Double ouch.

    And the Internet is male! Who knew?

  3. Jurjen says:

    Natashka wrote a.o.: “but I can’t stop people make fun of your site”
    Unfortunately you did just that.
    Maurice must have noticed the extra traffic, found out where it came from and discovered that we weren’t admiring his community services. This made him remove the Dunglish version. It’s a pity, peanutbutter……

  4. Natashka says:

    After my discussion with Maurice, I edited both our comments. The site will apparently be replaced with a better version, which is always a good thing. Better late than never.

  5. William says:

    Tip of the ijsberg these sights sites, y’know. Chap could use a bit of help with the old web design too.

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