Before and after

I took the liberty of correcting the Dunglish entry on the Wikipedia website. By the way, a Dutch/Flemish person should submit an entry on “Nederengels”. The original article said that “Welcome in Amsterdam” (Welkom in Amsterdam) should be “Welcome to Holland”. Someone could also finish writing the original article.

Dunglish on Wikipedia before
Dunglish on Wikipedia now

6 Responses to “Before and after”

  1. René says:

    Zo dan: Nederengels op Wikipedia?

  2. Natashka says:


  3. johnson says:

    I like Dinglish

  4. huphtur says:

    i prefer the term ‘dutchlish’.

  5. Natashka says:

    I have also heard “Amerilands”and “Englutch”. And in any case, Denglish is German and English, and that’s nasty stuff as well.

  6. Larry says:

    One of the funniest examples of Dunglish I’ve ever heard was a cheery ‘Doe van mij de groeten aan je vrouw’ that became the inadvertently ominous ‘Say goodbye to your wife!’.

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