Music to my eyes

This cafe in downtown Rotterdam is now closed. I still wonder if the cafe’s name had something to do with it. The word “show” is pronounced as in English, but the word “pain”, referring to “bread” in French, should be pronounced in French.

showpain - cafe name

“The lunchroom with Mediterranean style”. Ouch!

4 Responses to “Music to my eyes”

  1. Mariska says:

    They might have played Chopin in there!?

  2. desmond says:

    There’s still a Show Pain in Winkelcentrum Kanaleneiland in Utrecht. Laat zien die Pijn!

  3. Natashka says:

    As you know, Chopin was Polish, while many still think he was French. “C’est du pain” is boring enough as a name (It’s bread), and I am reminded of the chain “Au bon pain” in Boston. Both of these have decent food, I must say. The Show Pain in Rotterdam probably flopped because of its the location – right next to yet another McDonalds on the Coolsingel.

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